- fully customizable tool for all kinds of inspections and questionnaires

Create template. Plan inspection. Inspect using an android device. Check results.

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We take care of our product for more feature-rich

We believe in constant improvement. Our product is ready to be used, but we are still adding new features to make it better.


Flexible templates

You can create any survey you want.


Easy to plan

All inspection are done according to a schedule and by assigned person.


Android application

Do inspections even without internet access.


InspRadar is a fully flexible solution for your company. You can easily manage all of your surveys/inspections/questionnaires.

  • Create inspection template
  • Assign inspector
  • Conduct inspection


InspRadar allows you to control both the inspection status and results on an ongoing basis.

  • Status visibility
  • Results visibility
  • Inspection report

Constant improvement

We are adding new features all the time to make InspRader better and better.


Online Documentation

Application is easy to use, but we also provide documentation to make the experience of working with our software even better.


Adjustment to your needs

If you would like to have any unique features - let us know. If other clients could also benefit from that change, we will develop it for free.

Android application

Dedicated mobile application thanks to which you will be able to quickly and conveniently carry out each inspection.

Pricing Table

We are flexible. Let us know what you need.




Full access to all features but only for one user.

  • 1 user
  • Unlimited number of tickets
  • 100 MB of disc space
  • Up to 50 inspections
  • Up to 10 subcontractors (users with access to tickets)


27.00€ per user
  • Unlimited number of tickets
  • 1000 MB of disc space per user
  • Up to 1000 inspections per user
  • Up to 100 subcontractors (users with access to tickets)


Let's talk

Option for companies with specific requirements.

  • Features customization
  • Android app with you company name, logo and colors
  • Whatever is required


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