Creating inspection

To create a new inspection, you need to have one active template. When creating a new inspection, we must provide its name and select the template on which it is to be made. We can additionally supply a description, select the object it relates to and set the end and start dates and times.

Create new inspection

The field Assigned plays a significant role - we enter the person responsible for the inspection. If this field is left blank, it will not be possible to carry out the inspection via the mobile application, but only via the website. An additional limitation will be that the audit will only be visible to people who have permissions to create the inspections.

Another important field is "Status". It can take the following values:
- "Open" - the inspection is being configured and not ready for execution
- "Ready" - after this status is set, the template cannot be changed. At this point, you can download the inspection in the mobile application. A notification is also sent to the phone of the assigned person.
- "In progress" - inspection in progress
- "Done" - inspection completed. It is still possible to transfer the results from a mobile device and overwrite the existing values.
- "Close" - inspection is complete.

If for some reason, the inspection is buggy and you don't want its results to appear, you can deactivate it by clicking the "Deactivate" button. This operation cannot be undone.


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