Quick inspection with mobile app

A short example how an inspection on a mobile application looks like.
In the backend the inspection status is set to Ready.
It means that the assignee receives a push notification, and inspection can be synchronised with the device registered to the assignee.

The user is currently logged in, so the login screen is not presented, but the application goes directly to synchronisation.
After all data is pulled from the server screen with a list of activities is presented.

The next step is to click “Details” next to the inspection’s id we would like to carry on.
On the next screen following information is presented: name of inspection, description, current status, start date, end date, assigned object and address of the object.
From the screen user can also:
- Start inspection.
- Send inspection to backend.
- Add ticket.
- Navigate (with google maps) to a place of inspection.

After clicking the Edit button - inspection starts.
The inspection looks follow the template definition – in the current example, we can see four different screens with a couple of questions.

When the inspection is done, it can be sent to the backend by clicking the “Send” button.


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