Preparation of the inspection template. Templates are the basis of any inspection. In the template, we define what questions we want to ask, what information we want to download. Template definition is a necessary step to perform any inspection. Based on one template, we can perform any number of assessments (as part of the plan).

Defining an object. It is not necessary to perform an inspection, but thanks to the objects, we can group the reviews. The object can be real estate, a machine, a person, a car, or any other thing.

Defining inspection. We create the proper inspection - we choose a template, object, person to conduct the review and provide other necessary information.

Conducting an inspection. This can be done via the website or an android application.

Inspection results - the data provided during the inspection can be viewed directly on the website. We can also generate a report from each review or a collective summary of the results of multiple inspections.


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